Guide In Choosing A Carpet Tile

Tired of your carpet that’s been underfoot for years? Try the newest floor option on the market - carpet tiles. The colors, patterns and materials carpet tiles come in are unbelievable. Classical and modern styles, geometric designs, patterned all over or with a border for contrast, there are plenty of models to choose from, if you’re planning to give your floors a new look. It could be rubber or foam for some, linoleum, vinyl or even bamboo for others. You’ll get whatever you fancy because the materials that carpet tiles are made of are numerous.

When choosing this type of tile, certain basics have to be considered. For instance, you have to bear in mind the area, the place in which you wish to use the tile, and perhaps even the weather conditions. When considering the cost factor the general rule is that the thicker the tile, the more expensive it is. The material of which the tile is made and the density have a bearing on the cost too. The most expensive carpet tile could cost about $40 per sq. ft.

Carpet tiles vary in density as well as thickness. In a home where comfort takes precedence, thicker tiles would serve well. They cushion footfalls and insulate the floors, adding a few degrees of warmth in cold climes. Thinner tiles, on the other hand are ideal for institutions, offices and the like - in general, places that have a higher density of people. Children like to romp and mess around. A thick soft tile would hamper movement. So use thin carpet tiles to allow the free movement of toddlers, tricycles and baby cars.

tiles also depends on the overall effect you would like to create. Bamboo tiles could be used to give the effect of a green house. Go for terracotta ones for a rustic look. You could highlight your floor or downplay it. That’s a matter of choice.

Carpet tiles have an edge over wall-to-wall carpeting. They are less expensive and can be fixed without much trouble. The thick ones are padded, and cost less than a wall-to-wall carpet underlay would. They can be stacked easily, which helps in transportation. The greatest advantage is that you don’t have to displace the furniture when the operation is going on. Maintenance of these tiles is comparatively easy. They are hardwearing and outlast most carpets. You don’t have to call in professionals if you need to replace a tile that is stained or worn out.

When installing these tiles for the first time, care should be taken. For the adhesive to be permanent, these tiles need to be stuck on a clean, firm and even surface. Cement and stone floors are suitable as are ceramic tiles.

Carpet tiles bring out the artist in you. You can play with colors to make your own designs, choose shades to suit your décor, and even add a border for contrast. Once completed, carpet tiles add elegance to any room. So be innovative and give your floors that much needed makeover.

Beverly Kane is a staff writer at Home Decorating Journal and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Home Improvement Gazette.
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